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Dr. Peggy Gower

4N707 Munger Road, Wayne, Il  60184



office  630-830-8023

text & cell  630-640-5903

I reply to phone, text, and email messages as soon as I can. That means anywhere from right away to the next day. It all depends on when you contact me and whether or not I’m in session. In general, your best bet for a fast response is to contact me before 3 pm Monday through Friday.

I don’t usually return calls after 9 pm (unless it’s an emergency) so if you call in the evening, and I have a full schedule of clients, I’ll return your call the next morning.

If I have not returned your call or message in a timely manner, please try again via a different route. Technology never ceases to amaze me with it’s unpredictability.  :-))

contact & location
My office is right here...